Safety is one of Flight Services and Systems' core values. We are committed to safety and promote a culture of safety at each station. Our Corporate Safety Committee ensures that Flight Services and Systems' policies and protocol are upheld at each location, working alongside our station leadership.
FSS considers the health and safety of our employees and our customers of the utmost importance.
FSS has adopted a Safety and Health Corporate Business Plan that ensures a safe, healthy, drug-free work environment for Flight Service and System employees. It is our policy that all locations and employees are compliant with company policies and procedures, as well as applicable government safety, health and fire prevention laws, codes and regulations. This plan allows for a program that limits the frequency and/or event of any accidents, injuries or damages. It also encourages employee health and wellness and safety awareness.
We require our leadership team to set an example of general health and safety for all employees. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Safety briefings
  • Correcting unsafe acts immediately and as soon as possible
  • Reporting any safety deficiencies, which cannot be resolved at the local level, to upper management
  • Ensuring that annual training requirements are completed
  • Ensuring the proper use of equipment, supplies and tools
  • Ensuring that all accidents and employee injuries follow proper accident notification procedures, are investigated and that appropriate reports are completed
  • Ensuring compliance with Federal, State and Local safety codes, regulations and standards
  • Ensuring all employees are trained before performing a function for which training is required
  • Ensuring each station has a Safety Bulletin Board, with all relevant safety articles posted, including airline safety articles and FSS safety bulletins
  • Ensuring each station supervisor correctly answers the weekly Supervisor Training Question