At FSS, our employees are our greatest asset. We pride ourselves on hiring the right people for the right position...and our customer testimonials highlight that exact point. Please see some of our most recent customer testimonials from across the country.

"Mary Krause was very kind and efficient. Thank you.

Baich M. / CLE

"John Pilisy's service was first-class and outstanding.

Terry F. / CLE

"Recently I was on a trip and Juan helped me as I was in a wheelchair...just a note to let you know what a gem you have in him...very helpful, gracious and polite. We need more people like him...

Toby S. / BOS

"Robin did a great job - thank you!

Anonymous / MSY

"I wanted to bring to your attention and recognize the outstanding customer service I received from someone on your staff. If it weren't for the help of Nasr Aziz, my business trip to Dallas would have been very difficult, to say the least. I realized I lost my cell phone as I exited the plane. I saw Nasr at his post and requested his help. He was sincerely empathetic to my situation and totally exceeded my expectations in trying to assist in any way he could. Just as I was about to give up, Nasr received a call from a woman who found my plane and connected us. I cannot tell you how pleased I was that Nasr went out of his way to help me. HE was sincerely concerned and I truly appreciated all he had done. You can be very proud to have someone on your staff as capable and helpful as Nasr. Thanks again.

Jeff P. / DFW

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